Q: Is purchasing products in the online store secure?

A: We use SSL ("Secure Sockets Layer") communication protocols between your PC and our online store. All messages are encrypted using asymmetric keys, and each transmission carries a hashed digital fingerprint. It is impossible for hackers to decipher or alter the content of your messages.

Q: With whom does Stacktheme Ltd. and Right4EU share the customer information it gathers from its Web sites?

A: We do not share the information we collect, in any aggregate form, with any third party entity without the expressed written consent from the parties involved. Moreover, customers are able to review and modify their registration information online at any time. Customers are also free to request that we delete and remove any and all data concerning their trading activity from our database. Data security and customer anonymity are our top priorities.

Q: How do you change or update your own personal information?

A: Locate the "My account" button and supply your unique userid and password to gain access to your secure account information. The "Services" button then provides a menu of options that permit manipulation of your personal data. If our have any problems reviewing or modifying your data, please contact us for further assistance.

Q: Who has visibility to your credit card details?

A: Your personal data is maintained on a secure computer owned and operated by Commidea, a large E-commerce service provider based in the United Kingdom. Information about this company is available online via their web site: